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Founded in 2003, Shandong Environmental Energy Design Institute Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong. It is committed to providing investment agencies, project owners with consulting, design, supervision, project management,  project financing, general contracting and other services Build information platforms for numerous equipment, construction, and installation companies. After years of development, the company has grown into a leading company in the industry. The current environmental energy represents innovation, quality, standardization and professionalism.

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Shandong Huanneng Design Institute Co., Ltd. 

Company Profile

Shandong Huanneng Design Institute Co., Ltd.  was founded in 2003 . It is an organization with independent legal personality, being engaged in providing engineering design and consulting services for the society . The company is a member of the Association of Engineering Consultants and the Design Association of China, and a director unit of “Shandong Economic News ”. Since its inception , the Design Institute has been relying on the rich public relations resources, outstanding specialized talents, the strict quality management, a serious and responsible attitude of work, and concept of whole-hearted service, to provide all-round and multi-channel services, including consulting, design, construction, installation, supervision, project management, project finance, for investment institutions and project owners, being dedicated to building information hubs for a large number of customers in the fields of equipment, construction and installation,  and building materials .
The services of the Design Institute involve electricity, environmental protection , new energy, construction, municipal projects and other industries. It possesses Class A qualification for municipal works (thermal works), Class B qualification for the electric power industry (substation engineering, wind power, thermal power generation, power transmission projects, new energy power generation), Class B qualification for environmental projection projects (air pollution control, solid waste disposal, and physical pollution control projects), and Class B qualification for the construction industry ( construction works ) , and Class B qualification for municipal works (urban gas works, water supply works, drainage works).
The Institute undertakes Class B special project  design  services in the scope of architectural decoration projects design, building curtain wall projects design, light steel structure projects design, intelligent building systems design, lighting design and fire facilities design.
It can undertake general contracting projects within the scope permitted by  the qualification certificate as well as project management and related technology and management services.
The Design Institute has Class B qualification for providing consulting services  for fire electricity,  construction, municipal public works, and environmental engineering. The scope of services: preparation of project proposals, preparation of project feasibility  study  reports  , project application reports, funding application reports,  and engineering design.
The Design Institute also has GB1, GB2, GC1 (3) special equipment (pressure piping) GC2, GC3  , GD1, GD2 design licenses. It is one of the units with the most complete qualifications for pressure pipeline design among the design institutes in Shandong.
The Design Institute has obtained the GB/T19001-2000idt the IS9001: 2000 quality management system certificate in 2006, and obtained GB/T19901-2008idtISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate in 2009.
The Design Institute is a knowledge-intensive technology service unit, being equipped with strong technical force, advanced office equipment and excellent working conditions. Our institute has 17 specialties: heat energy, thermal power, electricity, construction , structures, control, hydraulic structures, hydraulic technology, coal (fuel) transportation, ash (slag) removal, chemical water treatment, total plane traffic , environmental protection, technology and economics, preliminary budget, equipment, heating and ventilation. It is equipped with advanced publishing, scanning , copying, printing, and binding equipment. The computer plotting rate is 100%. The institute has also established a computer-supported and database-centered electronic file system, which can meet the needs of engineering consulting, engineering design, project supervision, project management, information management, office automation, and computer graphics processing.