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Founded in 2003, Shandong Environmental Energy Design Institute Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong. It is committed to providing investment agencies, project owners with consulting, design, supervision, project management,  project financing, general contracting and other services Build information platforms for numerous equipment, construction, and installation companies. After years of development, the company has grown into a leading company in the industry. The current environmental energy represents innovation, quality, standardization and professionalism.

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Shandong Huanneng Design Institute Co., Ltd. 

Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech


Shandong Province, province, the chairman of the Design Institute Co., Ltd., more than a decade to Shandong in the country related to the enthusiasm of friends to help, get a great progress and development, in the field of electricity, heat, environmental protection, municipal, construction and other fields have made due efforts, thanks to the selfless help and support from all walks of life.
Shandong ring can create a number of domestic and the first in the province of thermoelectric design:
1, for more than ten years for the world's top 500 enterprises in the energy and environmental protection design, general contracting business services.
2, a plant design and built 8 30MW back pressure turbine generator, has been running for 8 years.
3, a factory a design of 8 50MW high pumping turbine generator, has been running for 6 years.
4, a factory a design and built 4 150MW pumping units, has been running for 4 years.
5, a factory a design and built 4 350MW pumping units, has been running for 1 years.
6, a design of 4 sets of 440t/h boiler supporting the tobacco tower and a project.
7, a design of the 90KM220KV double back four breakdown transmission project.
8, Shandong province power grid energy saving project.
9, a design of the water treatment capacity of 2000t/h 6 of the water workshop.
10, gas distributed generation heating unit project.
Above projects in the national industry in a leading position, we continue to sum up experience, continuous innovation, continuous development, and strive in the energy, environmental protection, municipal and other areas of innovation and development, out of the way, to make due contribution to the community.
In Shandong Province, central to Design Institute Co., Ltd. has recently set up a business association for science and Technology Association, now is the founder of high-tech enterprises, we are setting up expert workstation and academician workstation, we are preparing for the enterprises listed on the work, and strive to enterprises listed within three years.
In Shandong Province, central to Design Institute Co., Ltd. now holding three companies: Shandong Blue Sky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan Oriental Huanyu environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Huan Feng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., in addition to Xinjiang branch, branch of Hangzhou, Jinan Branch, Qingdao Branch, Binzhou branch, Qingdao Branch, such as branches.
Friends: Shandong ring can be broad-minded, planning ahead, the future will become the Shandong ring to high-tech enterprise groups, welcome to join our team, we work together to create a better future!