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Establish Internet thinking

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2019/05/26 13:23
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Internet development today, has formed the brand, now the Internet is powerful, ubiquitous, omnipotent, I think the function of the Internet is very strong, and now it is far from full use, Li Keqiang prime minister proposed the concept of Internet +, now shaped into the Internet using heat, Internet +, + what? Need enterprise, social and personal research, improve the new understanding, establish the Internet thinking, now the customer relationship and the market environment changed, the enterprise's thinking and ideas to change, the customer from the object to be sold, become stakeholders, to create value.
Social environment has changed, to comply with the Internet culture, so that the enterprise marketing into a mutual respect, communication, entertainment, interactive and sharing process.
The use of the Internet is currently mainly to solve three problems:
1, the establishment of the Internet thinking.
2, conform to the Internet culture.
3, leveraging the Internet development.

Zhang Fuquan
May 26, 2015