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Ring can "seven one" party congress summary

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2015/07/01 13:42
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In July 1st the party's birthday party, the ring can design institute of all Party members held a meeting. First learn the CPC Shandong Provincial talent service center agent commission Party branch management by objective assessment interim measures, let the party members set a target concept, lead by example, to strive for annual advanced Party branch. Second learning "emancipate the mind, strengthen the responsibility, enhance the ability of" practice learning materials, around the important speech of Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, chairman of the prime minister, will continue to strengthen all aspects of knowledge, rich reserve of knowledge, to accelerate the updating of knowledge, improve the knowledge structure, to become worthy of responsibility, can do great talents. Finally, each team leader and Party members of the work and life of the actual situation of the speech summary, in the work and life to improve their knowledge of the quality, and strive to move closer to the party organization, and constantly improve the level of work and quality, but also for the better the best possible future efforts of the ring!