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Our hospital in Ji'nan City Business Association Association held part-time cadres training class

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2015/08/06 13:47
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August 5,   the Jinan Municipal Association held business association designed part-time cadres training courses, the meeting invited the special report on the Sheng small column,   director of the China Association for science and technology consulting service center. Association vice president Hu Hui presided over the opening ceremony. Municipal Association for science and technology deputy inspector Jiao Zhaogang, business minister Wang,   counties  (city)  District Association, Association for science and technology of the high and New Technology Industrial Development Zone,   business association college part-time cadres   90 people in meetings .
Sheng small column, director of the China Association for science and technology  consulting service center for the entitled "  Association for science and technology  in innovation driven development in the important role of   " special report. Report collected many full  and accurate statistical data,  from the aspects of the new period Association  for science and technology organization positioning  , how to serve enterprise technology innovation,    and  strengthen  science and technology the main methods and ways etc.,  do comprehensive elaboration, pointed out the direction to promote a business association of science and technology work.
Vice President Hu made a summary of the meeting, he talked about through this training, to achieve the  exchange  of experience and summon the energy requirements, and lay the foundation for doing well the association of enterprises in the second half of the year. He wants various business association conscientiously implement the " CPC Central Committee cluster" of the spirit of the meeting, in accordance with the deployment of the overall work of the Municipal Association for science and technology,  and strengthen the focus of the work, and actively serve the enterprise technology innovation, as the city's "build four center, the construction of a modern city of springs" contribution to the force.
Meetings were held at the exchange. The King Group Company Association, Shandong Hongji Company Association, Yinying cooking utensil Company Association for science and technology and other six enterprises with the unit Association highlights the work of the exchange floor, delegates on how to promote the association of enterprises work in the second half to put forward opinions and suggestions.



China Association Advisory Center Director Sheng Xiaolie Report